Resume Writing

Writing a resume is not an easy task!  How to condense the millions of things you’ve done throughout your career into a 1- or 2-page summary?  Unfortunately, many job seekers panic and just literally copy and paste the job description obtained from their Human Resources department.  The dead giveaway is when it’s unedited and reads something like this: “The ideal candidate will have knowledge of…”  Another challenge is when you’ve had the same job at two or more different companies.  Many people use the same exact wording for every job!  This comes across as lazy and unprofessional.  It tells the potential employer – whether it’s true or not – that you are not creative, you cut corners, and you aren’t taking your job search seriously.  It may cause them to wonder if that’s how you’ll do your job if hired.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  We are here to help!  Hire Pinto to write your resume, and we will create a personalized resume with uniquely-worded career accomplishments.  We will rescue a humdrum, generic resume by incorporating strong action verbs and figures to showcase your personal achievements and set you apart.