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When you apply for a position through our user-friendly and private platform, you will receive an email confirmation.  Our team will review the application, and take the next step based on the job requirements.

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A few pointers to slam-dunk your next interview (phone, video or face-to-face):

Research the hiring company prior to your meeting.
Review the job description and note how it matches your experience.
Prepare at least three questions you have about the job and company.
For video and phone, test your connection, service and environment for clarity.
Arrive/log on 5-10 minutes before your appointment.
Dress conservatively. Avoid strong perfumes/aftershaves.
Don’t bring other people to the interview.
Bring extra copies of your resume.
Turn cell phone off and put it out of sight.
Smile, make eye contact, and offer a firm handshake (if comfortable).
Focus on your strengths and how you can help the company.
Speak diplomatically about current and former employers, colleagues and jobs.
Don’t lead with questions about salary, benefits, hours, PTO, etc.
Let them know if you’re impressed and interested in moving forward.
Send a personalized thank-you email to all who were present within 24 hours.

Let the Pintos know if you have any questions prior to the interview, and call or email us afterwards.
We’re dying to know how it went!

Pinto Employment Search respects the privacy of every individual we do business with. We do not post candidate’s resumes to public job search websites, nor do we sell their information to third-party employment agencies.