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When you apply to public job boards, your resume is lost in a pool of other applicants. To avoid this from happening, Pinto Employment Search works with a network of reliable partners – each representing a variety of industries. In turn, we have access to hundreds of transportation, distribution and logistics jobs in the United States.

After you apply for a position through our user-friendly and private platform, a recruiter contacts you directly, so long as you meet the job’s qualifications.

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Job Application Tips & Advice

A counter offer is an enticement made by an employer to their employees who are considering resigning from the company. While this seems flattering, it is important to consider the following before accepting:

  • Typically, upper management does not take kindly to counter offers. They intervene because they are forced to, not because they want to.
  • Consequently, when employers need to cut back or find replacements, they remember your previous consideration to leave the company.
  • Always remember the reasons why you initially wanted to resign. Accepting a counter offer does not automatically fix these reason(s).
  • If you accept a counter offer, your reputation may be compromised.

It is important you do not stunt your career growth by settling for a company that limits your skill set, or makes you unhappy – especially if you are given the opportunity for a fresh start. Consider the long-term implications and repercussions of a counter offer.

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