Consulting Dual Paradigm Synergies to Conduct A New Vision For Global Solutional Fulfillment

The beauty of a buzzword is skin deep.  Strung together, they sound impressive.  Look closely though, and there’s no depth.  Questions immediately come to mind, such as:  “What exactly was done, and how?” and “What was the result?”  Buzzwords look great in company brochures; they’re big and colorful and important-sounding.  But in a resume, they are often used to disguise a lack of actual achievement.

When a hiring manager reviews a resume, they want to see facts and figures (e.g., “Closed 5 new accounts in Q1 representing $1 million in air freight revenue.”).  They’re not interested in fluffy words that ultimately mean “I looked up a company on the internet, and then made a to-do list.”  It’s not that they’re unimpressed by a strong command of the English language; on the contrary, companies want people with great overall communication skills.  They merely want to see what you accomplished at work, plain and simple.

So, go ahead and pepper your resume with intelligent vocabulary and industry jargon!  Just make sure to back it up with some substance.  If you need assistance, Pinto Employment will happily write your resume!  We’ll make it look and sound good.  We promise.