It’s Not You – It’s Me

We admire your ambition, persistence and patience.  But sometimes it’s just not the right fit.  As recruiters, we are asked to find candidates who fit a particular set of requirements given to us by our clients, the hiring companies.  Thus, we need to focus on speaking with applicants who meet those requirements.  We wish we could get back to everyone who contacts us, but because of time constraints this is not always possible.  This is no reflection on your application or our desire to assist.  Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis, and because of the sheer volume are unable to respond to each and every one. We really wish we could!  Please be assured that we are keeping your information on file for future opportunities.  Badmouthing or chastising the recruiter will not help or serve anyone.  If there is a job description for the position to which you have applied, please be cognizant of the skills and other attributes required.  We look forward to speaking with you in the future and wish you the very best in your job search!