Driving Me Crazy

I moved from New Jersey, where traffic is no joke, to Los Angeles, where the traffic is less funny.  Clearly, I enjoy sitting in my car.

But seriously, I understand what commuting to work is like, especially in areas where inclement weather is a reality.  This is why here at Pinto Employment Search we demystify the location of an available position by publicly advertising it.  Why am I writing about such a seemingly insignificant detail?  Because once in a while I’ll speak with a candidate who is inexplicably taken by surprise.  At best, they just didn’t notice.  At worst, they ask – before an interview is even scheduled – if working from home would be an option.  This will probably all end in a waste of precious time for both parties.

Commuting is not the company’s problem, it’s the job seeker’s.  I’m not saying an employer shouldn’t be flexible, and many have come around to telecommuting and flex time.  Thanks to technology and enlightenment, work hours and locations are more fluid than ever.  But unless the job is advertised as virtual or at-home, you gotta go somewhere.  After you’re hired, use your skills and ambition to earn all the perks you’re going to get when you wow your bosses with your performance!  You might end up being entrusted to work from home after all.